CEU Retreats for Health Care Professionals

Rediscover the Joy in Work

CEU Content

  • Learn Self-Care Practices

  • Neuroscience of Compassion

  • Mindfulness for improving patient interactions

  • Mechanism

    • Reflection​

    • Small Group

    • Discussions

  • Optimize therapeutic Relationships​

  • Enhance Communication

  • Sustainable Practice

  • CEU's for Physical Therapists 


  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Nature Walk

  • Breath Awareness

  • Stillness and Reflection

  • Massage


About HeartsGrowth

Arlene and Cheryl offer a breadth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom that supports compassionate self-reflection in a safe environment where you will rediscover your joy in practice. 


"Thank you very much for the special course. Since I got out of PT school, my typical con ed courses have been focused on learning skills and treatment techniques to be a more efficient and productive therapist. For a change, I had a great opportunity to learn about why and how I need to take care of myself to take care of my patients better. Initially, it was difficult for me to switch gears, but the more I think about this approach, it makes more sense. I have been gradually applying it since the course and know that it will benefit my patients and myself. Both the content of the course and the location were excellent."

KY 2019

"I found my time at the "Have a Heart" course to be an opportunity to revisit practices that provide the foundation for calmness, resilience, and living each day with purpose. I've known Cheryl and Arlene to be exceptional clinicians, and now to witness their bridge of living their own lives with intention and bringing this quality to other therapists and patients is truly inspirational."

BCG 2019

" I  had the opportunity to attend the heartsGROWTH retreat at the right time-before I caved in to burnout.    I was hoping to rekindle my inner peace of being OK with everything.  I found much more.  The course provided me with self-care and compassion strategies. During one of the exercises, I realigned with the purpose of my life.  I left feeling invigorated and at peace!  I highly recommend the course for providers experiencing burnout syndrome or simply frazzled with things going on in life/work"

                                                                                                      PO 2020


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